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Laptop Screen Repair

Laptop Screen Repair Is Our Specialty

At Riano Group Computer Services, we can take care of your Laptop.

Many times customers come to us after they have dropped their computer or spilled something on it.  A laptop screen is very delicate and can easily break. In some cases it can be repaired, in others it might need to be replaced.  Is your computer having any of these symptoms?

  • Screen is cracked or broken
  • Screen goes blank
  • Horizontal or vertical lines
  • Display is dim
  • Dead pixels in the screen
  • Back light issues
  • No display

Depending on what type of damage was done to the laptop, the problem could be as simple as a loose connection or you may need to replace your screen. Here are a few typical laptop screen repair issues:

Thick Line or Black Bar on Screen – Perhaps your screen is displaying a thick line, or a large black bar across or up and down. This could indicate a simple ribbon connector is loose from the main board; an easy fix, or the contacts on the display edge have split so you need to replace the screen.

Spots or Thin Lines on the Screen – LCD failure can be signaled by thin lines or tiny spots on your screen. It is not the liquid crystals themselves that fail but the transistors that control the pixels. Spots on your screen may not just be dead spots in your screen but they can be colored spots as well. If you can live with them, it won’t hurt anything and will only become more annoying when and if they start to multiply. If your laptop is fairly new, laptop manufacturers normally specify a certain amount of dead pixels before they will replace the screen under warranty.

Display Is Scrambled – A scrambled display usually means you have a memory problem or your laptop is overheating. The memory modules need to be checked and if that is not the problem then the computer needs to be opened to check and clean the CPU fan as well as remove the heat sink to see if the thermal paste has become hard and cracked.

Image on Screen is Upside Down – You may have accidentally hit CTRL- ALT plus an arrow which affects your screen orientation; many laptops have this capability. To undo this function it is not the same on all computers so try doing an Internet search for “how to disable screen orientation hot keys” for your particular laptop. If that doesn’t work, you could have a software problem.